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Benefits of owning a home

Isn't it ridiculous that to bring this fluffy guy home would result in an increase in your rent? Here are some benefits of owning a home in addition to being able to give this guy a backyard with no affect on your wallet!

1. Payments: Mortgage payments are often similar to rent payments, but it actually goes toward OWNING something you can sell or pull money out of down the road.

2. Equity: With every payment, you gain equity

3. Security: No need to worry about the landlord raising the rent or selling the property from underneath you.

4. Tax Benefits: Deduct interest you paid, agent commissions and other items.

5. Freedom: You can make whatever changes/ upgrades to the property without having to ask a landlord.

6. Stability: The average person will stay in their home 13 years after purchasing.

Just imagine the memories you and your family could make in your own home and backyard! Even this fluffy guy can enjoy a long happy life in his own backyard to play in.

For more information on 0% down first time buyer programs and other low down/ no down loans, call me at 951.595.1345!

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